National bottled water company launches 1st ever connected TV campaign with online/offline attribution, and sees 42% lift in sales.


Bottled water is a highly competitive industry, where retail sales drive revenue. Unfortunately, tracking the success of broadcast TV and radio campaigns can be problematic, and many consumers have "cut the cord" moving into connected TV. 


Using our best in class audience data and attribution capabilities we made sure ads were getting in front of the right audience. Using our deterministic attribution data we were able to not only track our results but make actionable optimizations to improve CPA. 


  • We built a custom audience of “bottled water” purchasers that shopped at the specific retail locations in the target market.
  • We then delivered connected TV, streaming audio and banner ads to that audience in 4 strategic DMA’s surrounding the retail locations, creating a surround-sound effect to the highly targeted audience.


  • Achieved a 42% increase in same-store sales of products in test DMA's
  • Tracked more than 267,000 store visitors deterministically tracked at a cost per arrival of less than $0.49.
  • Tracked the purchase of over 80,000 pack cases at a cost of less than $1.65 (overall campaign CPA)
  • Successfully conquested more than 23,000 competing brand buyers and got them to buy our clients brand for the first time, at a CPA of $2.34 (conquesting CPA tactic)

Key Achievements

Target Market Lift of


 in Sales

Overall CPA:


Conquested Customers

$2.34 CPA

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