Go Beyond Broadcast

We are changing the way companies reach and acquire customers. 

Go beyond broadcast family watching TV

There is a shift taking place.

The way people consume media has changed...

69% of U.S. households subscribe to a video streaming service. (Leichtman Research)

Streaming services now account for 75% of all music listening in the U.S.(Nielsen)

At CPG Digital, we are here to help you navigate these new channels. 

Together we can conquest your competitors' customers, prospect new customers, and lower your overall customer acquisition costs. 

How we do it. 


We build target audiences using thousands of data points including customer receipt data which allows us to target competing or complementary products by UPC/descriptor. 

  • Conquest direct competitors - by targeting customers who purchase competing brands/products.
  • Prospect new customers - by targeting customers who purchase complementary products.
  • Re-target terrestrial behavior- by using geo-location, we can re-target customers on CTV and streaming radio. 
  • And more...


After we build your target audience, we create a surround sound effect for your customer by delivering ads via connected TV, streaming audio, and as well as digital display, so that your customers always have your brand at the top of their minds.

Track & Optimize 

Once we begin delivering ads, we track everything. From the first view, listen, or click through to a sale - we track the entire customer journey, including online purchases, foot traffic, and retail purchases down to a specific store location level.

Some of our partners:

What makes us different? 


Customer receipt data - Yes, we know what people are buying. 

Identify and engage your competitions customers and new customers alike to motivate consumers to try your brand. 


Reach - Premium placements at scale. 

With access to every available impression across all connected TV ( CTV, OTT, VOD, FEP) and streaming radio platforms, we put your brand in front of the right audience next to the most premium content.


Attribution - Actionable tracking data based on real customer behavior both online and at location.  

We can track and optimize towards website visits, phone calls, form completions, online purchases, foot traffic by geo-location, as well as in-store purchases by location. You will not find these capabilities anywhere else.

Are you ready to experience the branding power of television and radio with the analytics of digital?  

69% of US households now subscribe to at least one streaming service.

(Leichtman Research Group)


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